Saturday, September 7, 2013

White Lake International Triathlon (no, it's not the one with Al Trautwig in Hawaii, it's different, you see there are many different screw it, who cares)

It seems like only yesterday that I was racing the quintessential spring classic that is White Lake Sprint. Fast forward to today, and were back at White Lake for the fall'ish international distance race. I have a history with this course of going very hard on the bike and subsequently imploding on the run. However, today I am happy to say that I was able to contain my excitement, and take the victory with a very well balanced and dosed effort. I biked almost a minute slower than last year, but ran just about 4 minutes faster. I'd say thats a fair trade. It was still a hard fought win, with James Haycraft breathing down my neck as he laid down an impressive bike run combo. And the reward for such a demanding effort? Well, as we all know, rural Bladen County is steeped in a rich Japanese heritage. So it was only fitting that the winners today received traditional miso soup bowls and spoons.
Miso happy I won
Unfortunately, as you can see in the photo, I had an accident. While the bowl managed to avoid certain peril when I drove away with it on top of my car, it was not so lucky when I got home. As any true man would, I was attempting to carry every single triathlon play thingy in my car all at once, when I dropped the bowl, breaking one of the handles off. While I am deeply saddened by that my actions resulted in this unfortunate accident, I have no regrets, and will continue to refuse to take more than one trip to carry in my belongings. yolo

In other news, for those of you that don't know, I have been training under the guidance of Tom Clifford (Without Limits Coaching) for the past 6-7 weeks. Tom is big on the use of Compu-Trainers (computer controlled resistance bike trainer) for very focused and effective bike workouts. Shameless plug: the damn thing works. I've been doing all of my quality work on the Compu-Trainer at the Without Limits Compu-Trainer Studio over the past month and a half, and I am amazed how fast I was able to regain my fitness after being in an overtraining slump for most of the year.
Lot's of ride options, including multi-rider so you can train side-by-side with friends, regardless of ability 
Analyze your pedaling efficiency in real time

As you can see from the photos above, there's a lot more going on with than just riding your bike without going anywhere. Coming from a guy who typically hates riding the trainer (I think I rode indoors three times this winter), the constant stream of data keeps you engaged, and makes workouts go by fast.

Currently, I'm training at the lowest volume I have in years, but I'm performing at or above previous results. Take today for instance. I'm probably no fitter than I was last year at this time, but I was able to settle into my threshold pace and stay there for the whole race. Last year, I was spiking my power all over the place, and struggled to find a rhythm, which resulted in a sub-par run. Being able to set the trainer right at your calculated threshold in a way "programs" your body so that when you race, you're able to maintain a high and consistent output without even thinking about it. Click here, or just ask me if you want to learn more about this highly effective training tool. Whether your time crunched, or just want to get faster in less time, you need to check this out.

So what's next you ask? Only the single most important race on the international calendar. Of course I am referring to the Wrightsville Beach World Championships (aka Wilmington YMCA Triathlon). This is not to be confused with the Azalea Festival World Championships held earlier this year. Every year, over 1000 athletes put it on the line in hopes of winning the coveted...well, you never quite know what there gonna hand out, but chances are it might get "lost" in all the excitement.
Circa 2007 throwback victory, rockin the jammer, what a kook


tristacey said...

Way to go, Wisty!! You were very smart today and you have sought out an excellent coach! Tom is excellent at helping athletes showcase their run through better control on the bike! So thrilled for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eleuterio Ignacio said...

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